Artist Information – The Game Show

Artist Information for The Game ShowGAMESHOW2

I will be periodically updating this page with more information about the Game Show, and I’ll include a link in email correspondence as well…

Show Dates:
July 21-23, 2016

  • Thursday the 21st – Open to the public 6-10
    Called the ‘VIP Reception’ I’m inviting friends, artists and their friends to the show, but anyone and everyone is welcome. Basically, I’d
  • Friday the 22nd – Open to the public 6-10
  •  will be the big night. A regular opening will commence from 6-10, maybe 11. Cash bar, with artists receiving a couple of drink tickets, art on display and a regular schedule of Game Shows periodically played throughout the night. There will also be intermissions with the official house band, The Sexy Accident, playing short sets in at the conclusion of some games.  Prizes to game show winners as well as artists (People’s Choice, Curator’s Choice, etc.) will be announced during the event.
  • Saturday the 23rd – the show will be open during the day and into the evening, will work on the specifics of live game shows played throughout the day as well. Show will be taken down either at the end of Saturday or early Sunday morning.

River Market Event Place, one block north of City Market at 2nd and Walnut.

Work on your art!!!

As with all the themed shows I’ve curated in the past, I let artists run with the theme i whichever direction and style they would like. Art should be based, however literally or loosely, around Game Shows, but games of chance, and board games aren’t excluded, and arcade games will probably be alright as well. Just no sports. Let the theme simmer in your head for a few weeks and some great stuff will happen.

I’ll try my best to make every arrangement necessary for your art, but there is a limited amount of space, so please try to keep the longest side of your work at 30 inches. If you are planning on doing something larger, that’s fine, just contact me first so that I don’t have 20 artists doing huge works and I run out of space. 2D and 3D works are both acceptable, although it may be easier for 3D works if you bring a stand for your piece. Video pieces can be entered as well, but sound probably won’t be able to be accommodated unless the artist provides a headphone/display system.

I will have to receive all art by Tuesday, July 19. If you need to make arrangements to have art picked up or any special requests, just ask me – the sooner the better!

Out of Town Artists:
There will be a few folks traveling to KC to participate in the show, and other folks will be sending some work this way. I haven’t figured out shipping yet, but I’ll make everything as speedy and equitable as possible. I may have a ride for art from Austin to KC for late June,

Artist Information:
Please submit your info!!!

I’ll be putting together the website for the show soon, and in doing so, I want to promote the artists as much as possible – so to do that, I will need some info from you. Please enter your name, website, email and whatever social media outlets you’d like to list – facebook, instagram, or whatever else you’d like to include (use other forms in the comment box). Also, I will be contacting you about an image representative of your work soon that I will also post on the site.

The Game Show Format:
The Game Show will be played once an hour – The theme song is played, emcee comes out, has an introduction, draws three contestants from the crowd, and then the game starts.

  • First round: A trivia round eliminating one contestant.
  • Second round: A pictionary round where each contestant gets teamed up with an artist and one contestant is eliminated after a few rounds.
  • Final round: The final contestant gets to play one of the various artist games

I will test out the timing of this, but I imagine this will be repeated three times for around 30 minutes of Games each hour.

Volunteer to help if you can!

Artist InformationIn mid June, I will begin construction on the games and sets for the show. Any help/assistance with the construction would be greatly appreciated. Among other things, I will be building a big wheel, a plinko-type board, a $25,000 Pyramid set piece, and a bunch of other games as well. Any materials, paint, or time and assistance will help things out a bunch!

Contact me if you know any businesses that would like to support the show!
I’m going to be gathering prizes for the show, from gift certificates from local businesses to some donated art to various other sundries as well.

Artist Prizes:
In addition to prizes for the contestants, there will be a few prizes for the artists involved as well. There will be a People’s Choice Award voted on by the public, as well as a few curator’s choice awards as well.

The Sexy Accident will be the ‘house band’ for the show. In addition to writing and performing a game show theme song ala The Match Game, and interacting with the games themselves, they will also perform a couple short sets throughout the festivities.

There will be an emcee for the event, keeping things moving, hosting the games, introducing the bands and the awards as well.

Set Up/Show Logisitics:
I have some volunteers to help with the show setup, hanging and day of the event logisitics, but a few extra hands can’t hurt – so if you would like to volunteer or know of people who would like to help out, drop me a line

Video/Photo Documentation:
Emily Evans Sloan will be documenting the show and producing a short recap video documenting the show and the event.

Design/art help would be great!

To help offset the costs of the show (lighting, band, emcee, sets, etc.), I’ll be selling some t-shirts and prints at the show. I’ve started some loose designs and ideas, but if you have any ideas/designs/art that would make a great shirt or want to work on a design, contact me and we can make it happen! I’ll give you a cut of the sales as well.

Other Event Info:
There’s been a lot of excitement about the show when I’ve discussed it with non-artists, so this should be a great event. All the artists that I’ve contacted do some pretty great and varied work, so the mix and level of art should in the show should be top notch.

If you know of any artists that would be interested in participating, it’s not too late to send them my way!

I’ll be updating this often as the show grows near, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or call me at 816-872-6543