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Soundcheck: Easy Like…

January 17, 2018-  Here’s something new for schliefkevision – a little, semi-regular ten song playlist. It’s a little look into the music that’s filling my studio on a daily basis at this time. All ten songs will center around a common theme or idea, and will be links will be provided to the playlist and all the songs… For now, all of this will be on youtube. but I’ll be experimenting with other venues later on…

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June Studio Update

June 2017- My River Market Painting Studio is fully operational! I do have plans to build some additional easels to help out on some larger paintings I’m planning on working on soon, but it’s loaded with all the materials, tools, and books I need to produce a whole new body of work. 

Brushes, pallets, rabbit skin glue, rolls of canvas, easels, art books and sketch pads make the world go around, and it feels great to have everything set up under one roof.

Below are some pictures from the studio, giving you an idea of some of the things that all need to come together to make art happen. So take a look around the studio, and click here look back at past studio updates and old studios as well.

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Union Station Kansas City

Cheryl and Troy Review Pompeii

Union Station Kansas CityApril 2016, Union Station Kansas City –
While doing some painting work for the Lyric Opera’s collaboration on the design of the renovated Planetarium inside Kansas City’s Union Station, I walked past one of those innocuous signs promoting the Pompeii show that is currently running at Union Station.  I didn’t think anything of it until I passed it a second time and looked a little more carefully at what exactly the poster was telling me. 
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Art Post Haste #10

latest links


Here are the latest links from around the web that deal with the art world, design, or just some interesting stuff in general:

  • Austinites! Courtesy of the fine folks at Big Medium, the West Austin Studio Tour revs up this weekend and continues through next weekend. It’s your uber-less duty to check out and support as many artists as you can!
  • Absolute weirdness from the folks who unabashedly mass produce beer in Eastern Missouri – Budweiser is going, um, American? Maybe the Budvar crowd will get really, really excited about this!
  • I only found out about the previous Bud story because I wanted to show off the beautiful redesign Guinness did on its products.
  • The sequel will be all about Shepard Fairey.
  • Why are people such idiots? When I was in art school, painters joked that sculptures were things you bumped into when you were stepping back to look at a painting. Good work on getting that awesome facebook profile pic!
  • More and more I’m of the mind politics and art shouldn’t cross paths too much – there’s plenty of reasons for this that I’ll go into in a future blog post – but when an artist does do something novel that combines the two and becomes notorious for it – the result of that notoriety shouldn’t be a punch in the fucking face. Seriously?
  • I went and saw the final presentations of the Spring 2016 Artist Inc Fellows last week, and it was a pretty amazing wealth of talent on display and a pretty great program run by some fine, dedicated folks. Applications are now open for the next session in KC, so sign up today!

A look back at the Blue Genie Danger Derby

The Blue Genie Danger Derby
Blue Genie Danger Derby

Here’s a look back at one of the crazier art events Ian Shults and I put together for Blue Genie Art in Austin, Texas. ┬áThe Danger Derby is a no-rules pinewood derby race featuring a 120′ track fraught with dangers the entrants must overcome – a firepit, blowtorches, swinging anvils and swablades. Continue reading