Be An Artist T Shirt

Be An Artist

From time to time, I like to break out the silkscreens and print some t shirts.  This particular t shirt is an oldie I put together a few years ago taking some ads from the back of old comic books.  The numbers, when rad aloud today, unfortunately, haven’t really changed all that much.  Here’s my ‘Be An Artist’ t shirt.  If you’re interested in ordering one, I have various size and color options available, just continue reading and find out how to order one.

The shirt makes a great gift for any artist out there, and its dry tone about artists making money and the realities of the art world (‘Trained Artists are Capable of Making $50-$60-$75 a Week – And More!’) brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Inquiries about the ‘Be an Artist’ shirt can be sent here.

For a closer look at the design, here’s a low-res picture of the Be An Artist shirt:

Be An Artist