Soundcheck: Easy Like…

January 17, 2018-  Here’s something new for schliefkevision – a little, semi-regular ten song playlist. It’s a little look into the music that’s filling my studio on a daily basis at this time. All ten songs will center around a common theme or idea, and will be links will be provided to the playlist and all the songs… For now, all of this will be on youtube. but I’ll be experimenting with other venues later on…

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January ’18 Studio Update

January 2018- It’s a busy start to the New Year! Rodeo clowns take center stage! With a show looming closely on the horizon at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, Kansas in February, I’m scrambling to finish up the entire concept of paintings and drawings that will make up the show.
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Union Station Kansas City

Cheryl and Troy Review Pompeii

Union Station Kansas CityApril 2016, Union Station Kansas City –
While doing some painting work for the Lyric Opera’s collaboration on the design of the renovated Planetarium inside Kansas City’s Union Station, I walked past one of those innocuous signs promoting the Pompeii show that is currently running at Union Station.  I didn’t think anything of it until I passed it a second time and looked a little more carefully at what exactly the poster was telling me. 
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