October ’18 Studio Update

Silkscreen Printing and Oil Painting. October has been a crazy month. Two large (4’x6′) paintings incorporating the imagery I’ve been working with all year has blossomed to include Morton Downey Jr, street preachers, busty sirens, bulls and rodeo clowns against a sideshow backdrop.

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Norman Rockwell’s Technique – Peak Whites

Norman Rockwell's techniques

It seems like over the past ten years or so Norman Rockwell’s reputation in the art world has been rehabbed. Instead of being tossed aside as a sappy illustrator popular among People Who Don’t Know Anything About Art, the art world has slowly embraced America’s favorite son. I’ve seen his work reappear in plenty of museums. On a visit to the Rockwell studio and museum years ago, I noticed something about his technique. This discovery made me think about him as a painter for the first time.

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Art Post Haste 15

art news

Art forgery, political art, and more art world news from around the globe, including a nice show of German art from the Weimar years at the Tate in London!

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TWA Museum KC

The TWA Museum in Kansas City is a dusty little jewel that fits right in with the amazing lineup of museums in this fair city. My brother, science teacher and aviation enthusiast, wanted to check this museum out on a recent visit. I was apprehensive about going, as my interest in planes is on the same level as my absolute lack of interest in cars, and fretted when researching the museum, when google told me the average visitor spends three hours there. 

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