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ArtistInc Pecha Kucha


pecha kucha
On Monday, April 27, the eighth and final session of the ArtistInc Live program was held before a full house in the AIA building in downtown Kansas City. There, 25 talented Kansas City artists from a wide variety of artforms and mediums gathered as a group one last time to deliver 5 minute Pecha Kucha speeches.

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Oil Studies

oil studiesFeb 2015 – I’ve been working on some oil studies in the studio lately. It’s been a fun way to get some work done in the studio while I conjure up some themes and imagery for my next series of original works.

I chose a couple of Jack Levine paintings for my oil studies, concentrating on color, paint application and learning from one of my favorite painters of all time. Jack Levine was a supremely talented painter who grew up in Boston and was classically trained, adoring the works of Velasquez and Titian.  He was collected by the Met in New York and his career of figurative satirical works was soon derailed by the rise of abstract expressionism.

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Gift Certificates for Painting Classes and Drawing Classes

gift certificates
Gift Certificates for Painting Classes and Drawing Classes

Great for the holiday season for anybody you know that would love to take some painting or drawing classes!  These gift certificates come in an envelope and make a great stocking stuffer.  There is also an option to buy the necessary supplies for each class that each student will need. If you buy the supplies with the gift certificates, they will be boxed and gift wrapped for you as well!

Because of a new influx of bills, my rates for classes will be going up in the next few months, so as an added bonus, this will lock in the current rate, which is only $20 per hour for private instruction! (This will save you 20% over the 2015 prices!
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“I Can’t Draw Stick Figures”

I can't draw a stick figure
“I can’t draw stick figures” – along with the inability to draw a straight line, are the two most common refrains I hear from folks when I tell them I am an artist, as well as from beginning students who finally take the step to learn to paint or draw. Continue reading