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Painting Stretchers – Custom Built and Heavy Duty

Looking for some heavy duty, durable painting stretchers to paint your next masterpiece? Tired of overpaying for canvases of questionable quality from your local art store? Hate waiting to buy extra cheap canvases from Hobby Lobby to get back to studio and be resigned to painting on cheap canvas that has all the properties of slick window shades? Well, here’s your chance to step up to the plate and invest in your career!

painting stretchers
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silkscreen test

December ’18 Studio Update

December is a hard month to stay focused on work. With holidays looming, end of the year bills piling up, and projects yearning for closure, December is a test to see just how much work you can finish. So I worked on paintings, printmaking and an unexpected project: a kids mural.

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October ’18 Studio Update

Silkscreen Printing and Oil Painting. October has been a crazy month. Two large (4’x6′) paintings incorporating the imagery I’ve been working with all year has blossomed to include Morton Downey Jr, street preachers, busty sirens, bulls and rodeo clowns against a sideshow backdrop.

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Norman Rockwell’s Technique – Peak Whites

Norman Rockwell's techniques

It seems like over the past ten years or so Norman Rockwell’s reputation in the art world has been rehabbed. Instead of being tossed aside as a sappy illustrator popular among People Who Don’t Know Anything About Art, the art world has slowly embraced America’s favorite son. I’ve seen his work reappear in plenty of museums. On a visit to the Rockwell studio and museum years ago, I noticed something about his technique. This discovery made me think about him as a painter for the first time.

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