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Pianos on Parade, Part Two

Pianos on Parade
After I finished up my painted piano for the River Market, I got an email about doing a second piano for the Pianos on Parade program. This time it was for Avila University, which is about to celebrate their 100th Anniversary next year. Below you can see some pictures of my work, which incorporated the school colors, the Anniversary logo, as well as some of the buildings on the campus, from the past and the present. Continue reading

The Last Supper: An Oil Painting Commission

Last Supper Oil Painting Commissionoil painting commission

A few months ago I was commissioned to paint a version of the Last Supper for a client.  I visited the space, came up with some ideas that would fit the room, including scale and colors, and after a few months of painting held up by an unheated studio in the winter months, this is what the finished result looks like.

The oil painting is on canvas, on a hand built stretcher and the actual size of the painting is 11 feet by 5 1/2 feet. It was an incredibly fun painting to design and paint. When hung in its space, the painting can be seen from its left from the outside, front and center from the main entrance, as well as from its right from a side entrance.  When approached from the right side, an optical illusion is created as the table in the painting appears as a square and ‘unfolds’ as the viewer walks towards the center of the room, extending to its full size.

Further down the page you can take a look at the installation and how the painting looks in situ, located in a nice residence in the western reaches of Austin, Texas.

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Last Supper

Back At It!

Jan 2014 – Winters in Austin are not very hard.  Even the coldest snaps and random and rare ice storms inflict a mere trifle of discomfort and inconvenience onto Austinites.  This winter has had a couple of rough cold and wet patches which hasn’t been great, but the worst has been the weather’s affect on the Blue Genie studio.  The cold concrete soaked up every ounce of cold and made the inside temperatures way lower than the outside air, which put a damper on the progress on my painting commission.

However, with the better weather,  I’m back to work and it’s moving along again.
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Last Supper – Thirteen Days In…

Nov 2013 – The work on the Last Supper continues along as the painting moves past the underpainting and into what I always consider the real work – finagling with the drawing, checking composition, adjusting values, and building up colors and layers of paint.

Despite promises to the contrary made to a lot of colleagues about my work on this painting, Continue reading

Last Supper: Three Days In…

The early days of work on the Last Supper Commission continue…
All the work continues on the underpainting and cleaning up the rough edges of the transferred drawing.  I rescaled some of the figures (mainly the three men on the far left), slid Jesus over a little, and planned to re-position the column before Jesus as well. Here is a picture of where the painting was near the middle of Day Two;LS_003a
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work on the Last Supper


If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve been commissioned to paint a large scale painting of my interpretation of the Last Supper. After running the sketch by the client, I made some color studies, built, stretched and prepared the 11′ x 5.5′ canvas, and spent a few hours the other night transferring the drawing.

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The process of a commission – the stretcher

So I’m working on a commission of the Last Supper.  The first words out of my client’s mouth were: “I don’t want a copy of the famous one, I want it in your style.”  Feeling relieved, I checked out the space in her house it will hang, made notes about the dimensions and architecture, and found a suitable size for the wall it’ll hang on: 11′ by 5.5′.  With the dimensions down, I started a couple rough sketches, worked out some spacial ideas, and got approval on a preliminary sketch we both liked a lot.

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Painting a Mural, Part 2

For the first part of the story behind painting this mural in Kerrville, Texas with my friends and fellow painters Charles Randolph and Marty Garcia in March of 2007, check out this link.
To see some shots of the progress and the finished work, keep scrolling down!

Charles, and Marty along with myself

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Painting a mural in Kerrville, Part 1

Painting a mural
Marty Garcia, Charles Randolph and Michael Schliefke

March 20, 2007 – Despite knowing each other for years, my friends and fellow painters Marty Garcia, Charles Randolph and I first worked together a few weeks ago to install a couple of Marty’s murals at a new complex of expensive stores and condos in Austin called the Domain.

Continued below is the story of how the week unfolded when we weren’t painting the mural. To see the finished results, check out the second part of painting a mural in Kerrville.

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