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The Slavic Arts Festival: Writers Place

Kosice, A  Writers Place, Slavic Festival

Kerepesi Cemetery, photo by Benjamin Reed

On Friday, October 17, Kansas City’s Writers Place is hosting a reading featuring six writers and artwork from three artists as part of Kansas City’s Slavic Arts Festival. Among the writers in attendance will be my good friend, Austin resident Benjamin Reed. Continue reading

Schliefke Sandwich: Kielbasa Sandwich topped with Macaroni and Cheese

kielbasa sandwich

June 29, 2005 – You always find inspiration when you’re not looking for it. One fine afternoon, I stopped by Ian’s house on a rare visit to the Post Office. as things go, I was easily sidetracked and soon found myself as a passenger to a restaurant/bar off the beaten path on Burnet Road: Billy’s. Not your run of the mill restaurant, nor your run of the mill bar, this was the place for offbeat denizens to chow down fine food and listen to one of the keenest juke boxes in town.
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