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Family Time

familySorry for not keeping up with the website or work in studio lately, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been visiting my family in the Northeast. It’s been a great trip and I feel very fortunate to have been raised by two great parents and have such great siblings and in-laws and girlfriend as well.  Due to some recent health issues in the family, I’ve been visiting more often and it’s been a very comforting time for everyone. There’s no telling what will happen in the future, so make the most of the time you have with the folks you love.

Painting a Mural, Part 2

For the first part of the story behind painting this mural in Kerrville, Texas with my friends and fellow painters Charles Randolph and Marty Garcia in March of 2007, check out this link.
To see some shots of the progress and the finished work, keep scrolling down!

Charles, and Marty along with myself

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Painting a mural in Kerrville, Part 1

Painting a mural
Marty Garcia, Charles Randolph and Michael Schliefke

March 20, 2007 – Despite knowing each other for years, my friends and fellow painters Marty Garcia, Charles Randolph and I first worked together a few weeks ago to install a couple of Marty’s murals at a new complex of expensive stores and condos in Austin called the Domain.

Continued below is the story of how the week unfolded when we weren’t painting the mural. To see the finished results, check out the second part of painting a mural in Kerrville.

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Famous Lunch

Famous Lunch hot dogs
Gus’s hot dogs

As excited as I was to head out for a day of eating hot dogs with an equally enthusiastic eating partner in crime, I had no idea the day would end up going the way it did.  Aunt Nicky served as the Patron Saint of Hot Dog Eating for the day, a title I have never bestowed on anyone up until this point, and may never be able to again.  Continue reading