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To sign up for painting or drawing classes, general questions, further class information, comments, or inquiries about paintings or commissions:
Email or call Michael Schliefke (pronounced sh-LEF-key) at:

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You can find reviews, maps, and more information about my studio at my google page.

Social Media:
Not really a big fan of social media, but I do vaguely update these two accounts. instagram for pictures of work in my studio and various shots around cities I visit, and twitter for updates to my website.

So here’s some social media links for you:
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The best way to keep in contact with the shows and work of Michael Schliefke is through email. Here’s a handy form you can fill out that will enable you to stay informed of future shows and events. You’re not going to get spammed, nor will your email be used for any nefarious purposes. Trust me, I’m way too busy to send out too many emails and I don’t have the energy to that.

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