Dr. Choice

Dr. Choice and Other Random bits…

Here’s some recently collected images from corners of America, starting in Missouri with Best Choice Brands own Dr. Choice.

Dr. Choice

Best Choice is Kansas City’s low-ebb, generic supermarket brand. Being a generic brand comes with various responsibilities. Perhaps the most important is coming up with a name for their own version of Dr Pepper. Great sites have documented all the wild varieties of generic Dr Peppers.

After finding Dr. Choice still on the shelves in Missouri, I was happy to see that Americans, especially those living in Missouri, still have a choice. Thanks Dr. Choice, for being there!

Stop n Shop Robot

Stop and Shop recently settled a strike to preserve health care, retirement, and weekend benefits for low-earning workers. I had a chance to visit a Stop and Shop. I was introduced to this aisle roaming robot by nearly walking into it. Employees chuckled at every announcement it made – ‘Cleanup on aisle 8’. Apparently, this webcam driven beast looks for spills, empty spaces on aisles, and probably is recording more stuff about you than your gmail account. With all this efficiency, the parent company of the market still felt the need to try to screw with their employees.
Don’t screw with New England market workers.

Buy Sausage

In other supermarket finds, Johnsonville Meats has launched a fairly funny promotion. Who knew USA was in the middle of sausage? I imagine there has to be somebody offended by this somewhere. Perhaps there really isn’t anything more fitting for America today than sausages?

The Fears of Basic Cable Commercials…

While sitting through the horrors of commercials during something as innocuous as game shows on cable TV, a couple rose above the crowd. With hours of ads for mistreated pets, deformed children, catheters, internet security, and plenty of diseases you’ve never heard of, commercials on basic cable are fearmongering horrors.

Seeing Chuck Woolery hawk arthritis creams and Tom Selleck persuade the elders of your family to engage in reverse mortgages at least feel like a breath of fresh air. Instead of watching hours of horribly produced fear. Just put a friendly face out front, everything will be better…

Meanwhile, in Chicago…


On a layover in Chicago’s Midway airport, I ran across this plaque. It wasnext to a giant diorama celebrating the Battle of the Midway. In its quiet manner, it linked Chicago to this transatlantic flight that occurred from New York to Kaunas, Lithuania. Congrats to all involved!