art studio

July ’19 Studio Update

Life comes at you fast, and so much time is just spent scrambling around. July was one of those months where I couldn’t have been busier, but yet still felt like things were stuck in neutral on a lot of fronts. So in July, I worked on some charcoal drawings and continued work on my oil paintings.

Charcoal Drawings

After spending June working on a lot of projects, I finally got down to figuring out the holes that I need to fill for an upcoming show. I started in on a series of charcoal drawings. All set around a theme of sideshow barkers, you can see some of the progress I made on the drawings below. The upper left image is just a photoshop sketch of some colorized versions of the charcoal drawings.

Oil Paintings

I’ve also been making good progress on some of the larger paintings in my studio. A couple of matadors are finishing up that series. My two larger sideshow paintings are coming along and feel fun again. With time no longer on my side, it feels good when things start to click. There’s still plenty of work to do, and July tied up a lot of loose ends. I still have unfinished works that need to be completed, and then a final push through the end of summer will help me finally start to realize the entirety of my upcoming solo show.

With all of this work going on, there’s no slow down in sight. I have a commission that I’ve started working on. It’s a portrait of two daughters and is meant to look ‘like something that would hang in an eastern railroad tycoon’s house’. I talked with the client and showed him some examples of Singer Sargent, and he was delighted. It’ll be fun to paint like him for a while. Look for updates on the commission over then next month.

And, in honor of seeing him live once again, this time in Lawrence just after the Fourth of July, here’s a wonderful song from Bill Callahan: