Painting Sale


Now is your chance to save some money on some real art!!!

April is one of the finest months of the year, unfortunately, it’s marred by April 15th being tax day and all. So to help pay the bills and keep Uncle Sam running for another 365 days, I’m having an online sale of all the paintings I currently have in stock. Each sale will also make my move into a new studio space in the River Market a lot easier! You can save yourself 25% by using the code ‘APRIL’ when checking out using my online store set up by square. Square is those little white card readers you used to see exclusively at coffee shops but now can be seen anywhere in the world!

Don’t waste any more time – check out the store right now!

So take advantage of this sale today, help out a real, living, breathing artist, and hang some wonderful art in your home or office to brighten up your days! If you would like to make an appointment to see the art in person or make other payment arrangements, just drop me a line and let’s figure something out!