Will There Ever Be A Rainbow? Unicorn Art Show – Nov ’05

Will There Ever Be A Rainbow?

Unicorn Art Show
Bolm Studios
Austin, Texas
November 4 – November 8, 2005
Austin Chronicle writeup

Named Top Theme/Group Show in Austin, 2005

Reception with artists and voting for the People’s Choice Award and presentation of the artists prizes on Saturday, November 5 from 4pm – 11pm

Hosted by:
Bolm Studios
5305 Bolm Road
East Austin

The show “Will there ever be a Rainbow?” is Ian Shults’ pet project of an art event, co-produced and coordinated by Michael Schliefke.  Developed long ago in a cloudy haze, the idea to match unicorn art and Austin artists  finally came to life and was hosted by Bolm Studios in November of 2005.

The unicorn art show featured the work of 60 artists,spanning painting, sculpture, illustration, animation and video art.

Participating Artists:

Paul Ahern Corey Goering Maria Reyes
Ethan Azarian Parke Gregg Shannon Roberts
Paul Beck Jenny Hart Matthew Rodriguez
Wade Beesley Alice Henderson Victoria Lydia Rodriguez
Kim Canton Christopher Hernandez Alfonso Rabago
Ismael Cavazos Hector Hernandez Michael Schliefke
Josh Chalmers Dennis Hodges Ian Shults
Chris Chappell Sandra Jackson Christina Simon
Kelly Chanteloup Heather Jarry Rory Skagen
Charlie Chauvin Bill Jeffrey Jen Frost Smith
Ryan Christensen Nathan Jensen Tina Sparkle
Chris Coakley Rachel Koper Anna Swanson
Kevin Collins Marissa Little Jana Swec
Mike Combs Shea Little Alicia Traveria
Matt Cowan Michelle Mayer Teddy Vuong
Wendy Davenport Dan Morrison Cherie Weaver
Ryan Day Travis Nichols James Webb
Lisa DiRicco Matt Norris Adam Whatley
JD Fanning Katy O’Connor Barbara Whitehead
Aaron Fox Mike Parsons Jennifer Wilson
Nathan Fox Hope Perkins Amanda Winkles & Brandon Gonzalez
Michael Furrh Brandon Petrie Glenn Bryant Worley
Martin Garcia Joseph Phillips Dana Younger
Carol Gilson