Artist Statement

I feel simultaneously out of touch and deeply imbedded with the world around me. My paintings use old myths, Biblical and historical references to make statements about today’s society. I take my own experiences and observations to create art that challenges people’s views of the world. A love/hate relationship with the news and pop culture seeps into my work.

I paint satiric tales on lushly painted canvases. My paintings interweave personal narratives and historical allusions into new tales of woe. Revelations of a lost innocence and omnipresent foreboding are always present. My paintings as didactic in nature, but also wish for them to be enjoyed as much I as I enjoy creating them.

I like lush surfaces and the look and feel of oil paint. I personally build and prepare all of my canvases by hand.  Using years of study and practice, I build developed, layered surfaces that mesh the physicality of paint with underlying concepts. Drawing from painting’s rich past, my work also integrates modern brushwork and special concerns, and approach every new canvas building a composition that best correlates the thoughts and themes in my head. Imagery takes hold from the initial concepts and the canvas begins to ask and demand things from me, and I must respond and react as the vision matures.