Painting Easels

These durable, Heavy duty painting easels are best exemplified by my own personal version that was built in 1996. This easel has been my personal favorite easel for 23 years and its still going strong. Sure, if you buy one of these easels, you’ll get a brand spanking new one, devoid of the layers of paint marking your own creative path over the years.

Cut from kiln dried wood, and using the heavy duty hardware for the hinges and bolts, this easel is (obviously) durable and ready for use! Sealant is also applied to the wood, extending its lifespan. The base of the easel is two feet wide, and I’ve used this easel for canvases as large as 4’x6′.

  • Dimensions: 7′ tall, 2′ deep, 2′ wide
  • Adjustable to comfortably hold a canvas up to 5′ tall and 6′ wide.
  • Cost: $125

To order your easel today, or if you have any questions, contact Michael via email or phone.