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Presidential Losers Book Release!

Presidential Losers Book

Just prior to the last Presidential Election, I was invited to partake in a great idea for a group art show – a show devoted to all the men and women who ran, and lost, a Presidential Election.  The show, the brainchild of the crazed Austin energies of Shannon McCormick and Brenner, culminated in an amazing show featuring well over 70 artists from Austin, Texas, and the rest of the United States, and has culminated into a printed book celebrating the art of the show! Continue reading


Last Supper – Thirteen Days In…

Nov 2013 – The work on the Last Supper continues along as the painting moves past the underpainting and into what I always consider the real work – finagling with the drawing, checking composition, adjusting values, and building up colors and layers of paint.

Despite promises to the contrary made to a lot of colleagues about my work on this painting, Continue reading

Last Supper: Three Days In…

The early days of work on the Last Supper Commission continue…
All the work continues on the underpainting and cleaning up the rough edges of the transferred drawing.  I rescaled some of the figures (mainly the three men on the far left), slid Jesus over a little, and planned to re-position the column before Jesus as well. Here is a picture of where the painting was near the middle of Day Two;LS_003a
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The process of a commission – the stretcher

So I’m working on a commission of the Last Supper.  The first words out of my client’s mouth were: “I don’t want a copy of the famous one, I want it in your style.”  Feeling relieved, I checked out the space in her house it will hang, made notes about the dimensions and architecture, and found a suitable size for the wall it’ll hang on: 11′ by 5.5′.  With the dimensions down, I started a couple rough sketches, worked out some spacial ideas, and got approval on a preliminary sketch we both liked a lot.

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Solo Painting Show Coming Up in July

It’s official – Pump Project will be hosting a solo show of my new paintings in July.  ‘Accumulation & Interruption’ will run from July 13th until August 3, and will feature 25 new oil paintings, filling the entire gallery space. There will be an opening reception on July 13th from 7-10. A full press release and show statement will be posted over the next few days.

Austin’s Art Meltdown – Charlie Sheen Edition

Lately, there have been two sorts of meltdowns making the news on a daily basis. The tsunami stricken Fukushima nuclear plant provided a sad, gripping serial for the rest of the world to helplessly witness. On American shores, the citizenry got wrapped up in an altogether different meltdown: Charlie Sheen’s dip into a facade of all too publicized insanity. I never took a minute to familiarize myself with the endless quotes and posted links and clips all over the internet until now, when recent events in Austin’s art scene compelled me to write this long postponed article. If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s a timeline of the implosion on the scale of Sheen’s debacle happening in your backyard.
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Things They Don’t Teach in Art School Anymore

It’s been fourteen years since I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with my pants at my ankles and a diploma in hand.  I felt the best comment I could make on spending a then outrageous $80,000 on my art degree was to shake the President’s hand while wearing orange dyed tighty whiteys.  I guess the joke was on me, as I’m scheduled to make my last student loan payment on May 23rd, 2021.
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