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T-Shirts of the Month – May 2015

Artist T-shirtT-Shirt of the Month

Starting at the end of this month, I’ll be screenprinting a limited series of shirts as part of the Schliefkevision t-shirt of the month. Each month a new design will be featured, and a limited number of shirts will be printed. I will begin taking orders when the new design is announced, and I will accept pre-orders, which will ensure that you get the size that you need. After tallying the pre-orders, I’ll order extra shirts to fill the limited number quota that will be put on sale on my website until they sell out.

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Be An Artist t-shirt

Be An Artist

‘Be An Artist’ tshirt

I’m printing up some a new batch of ‘Be An Artist’ t-shirts, and you should order yours today! They come in a variety of sizes and colors, all 100% cotton.  Don’t miss out on this original design, because the screen is getting old and a new resdesign is on its way!

For more information on how to place your order, head to the ‘Be An Artist’ order form.

Hurry! I want to have an order together by Wednesday the 11th, so the shirts should be printed by the 20th!


Be An Artist T Shirt

Be An Artist

From time to time, I like to break out the silkscreens and print some t shirts.  This particular t shirt is an oldie I put together a few years ago taking some ads from the back of old comic books.  The numbers, when rad aloud today, unfortunately, haven’t really changed all that much.  Here’s my ‘Be An Artist’ t shirt.  If you’re interested in ordering one, I have various size and color options available, just continue reading and find out how to order one.

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