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Last Supper

Back At It!

Jan 2014 – Winters in Austin are not very hard.  Even the coldest snaps and random and rare ice storms inflict a mere trifle of discomfort and inconvenience onto Austinites.  This winter has had a couple of rough cold and wet patches which hasn’t been great, but the worst has been the weather’s affect on the Blue Genie studio.  The cold concrete soaked up every ounce of cold and made the inside temperatures way lower than the outside air, which put a damper on the progress on my painting commission.

However, with the better weather,  I’m back to work and it’s moving along again.
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Last Supper: Three Days In…

The early days of work on the Last Supper Commission continue…
All the work continues on the underpainting and cleaning up the rough edges of the transferred drawing.  I rescaled some of the figures (mainly the three men on the far left), slid Jesus over a little, and planned to re-position the column before Jesus as well. Here is a picture of where the painting was near the middle of Day Two;LS_003a
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work on the Last Supper


If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve been commissioned to paint a large scale painting of my interpretation of the Last Supper. After running the sketch by the client, I made some color studies, built, stretched and prepared the 11′ x 5.5′ canvas, and spent a few hours the other night transferring the drawing.

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Painting a Mural, Part 2

For the first part of the story behind painting this mural in Kerrville, Texas with my friends and fellow painters Charles Randolph and Marty Garcia in March of 2007, check out this link.
To see some shots of the progress and the finished work, keep scrolling down!

Charles, and Marty along with myself

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