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Review: The Accidental Gentrifist Looks at the Really White Vigilante

Reprinted from the Austinist, a noble experiment in documenting a city and its social stratas that ended a couple years ago.  I met lots of people who sweated and worked hard to make the website interesting, fun and provocative, and Benjamin Reed‘s 2007 review of my satirical comic book started a long friendship:

DECEMBER 17, 2007

The Accidental Gentrifist Reviews Tales of the Really White Vigilante


Benjamin Reed

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My Onion Interview

Onion Interview
In 2007, I took some time off from painting to work on a book.  Unbeknownst to me, the story I was about to write was a bit more autobiographical than I ever wanted to admit at the time, and the project took on the format of a comic book.  In November, shortly after the book’s publication, I was interviewed by Sean O’Neal of the AV Club, and my interview appearing in the Onion. Continue reading

Art in Context: the EAST tour

During the 2013 East Austin Studio Tour, I was interviewed by KLRU for their Art In Context program.  I was asked about a variety of subjects during the hour long process, all done while I was working on my large commission of the Last Supper and greeting visitors into my studio during the busy tour.  It was a fun afternoon, and the interview was an unexpected surprise.  The whole segment was boiled down into a few awkward sentences, but overall, Art In Context presented a pretty accurate look at the East Austin Studio Tour.  Here’s what ramblings of mine that they chose to include in their short called: Perception.

Austin’s Art Meltdown – Charlie Sheen Edition

Lately, there have been two sorts of meltdowns making the news on a daily basis. The tsunami stricken Fukushima nuclear plant provided a sad, gripping serial for the rest of the world to helplessly witness. On American shores, the citizenry got wrapped up in an altogether different meltdown: Charlie Sheen’s dip into a facade of all too publicized insanity. I never took a minute to familiarize myself with the endless quotes and posted links and clips all over the internet until now, when recent events in Austin’s art scene compelled me to write this long postponed article. If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s a timeline of the implosion on the scale of Sheen’s debacle happening in your backyard.
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An Interview with Wade Beesley

Copy of WB
Wade Beesley
interview originally posted in January, 2006

Wade was one of the first members of Austin’s art community I met when I moved here in 2002.  Wade has made an indelible mark in Austin’s art scene.  Wade owned and operated Mojo’s Daily Grind for ten years.  While serving coffee and beer, Wade was personally responsible for its monthly exhibition schedule, performances, DJs, and starting its celebrated TV Smashes.  The coffee shop took on a life of its own and became a celebrated stomping ground for the disenfranchised and creative elements that didn’t have any other place to go.  Annual TV Smashes took place, along with a free wall for graffiti and ample room by the bar for the posting of political and social activist tracts. Continue reading

An Interview with Shea Little

Shea Little

Shea is a life long resident of Austin who attended the School of Visual Arts in New York.  While studying design, bookmaking and printing, he began to run in an ever tightening circle with Jana Swec and Joseph Phillips.  Together, they formed the SODALITAS Art Group, working in a collaborative group that churns out intricate graphic laden works depicting the urban environment and finding beauty in a steady sense of decay and worn imagery.

In addition to the collaborative work, Shea endlessly draws and takes notes in a series of sketchbooks, gathers rusty and discarded materials for his own works. Continue reading