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A look back at the Blue Genie Danger Derby

The Blue Genie Danger Derby
Blue Genie Danger Derby

Here’s a look back at one of the crazier art events Ian Shults and I put together for Blue Genie Art in Austin, Texas.  The Danger Derby is a no-rules pinewood derby race featuring a 120′ track fraught with dangers the entrants must overcome – a firepit, blowtorches, swinging anvils and swablades. Continue reading

Art Post Haste #7


Back again in the New Year!

While on the phone with a close friend, we were talking about the New Year and convincing ourselves this would finally be the year our artistic lives would take a decidedly awesome uptick and we’d make the money that would make our lives so much easier. “What could go wrong this year?”, I rhetorically stated, plowing into an unstoppable crescendo that culminated into the line, “this is an odd numbered year, that’s always a good sign!” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, she replied through laughter, “Yes, I know odd numbered years, like you said in 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007….”.

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Review: The Accidental Gentrifist Looks at the Really White Vigilante

Reprinted from the Austinist, a noble experiment in documenting a city and its social stratas that ended a couple years ago.  I met lots of people who sweated and worked hard to make the website interesting, fun and provocative, and Benjamin Reed‘s 2007 review of my satirical comic book started a long friendship:

DECEMBER 17, 2007

The Accidental Gentrifist Reviews Tales of the Really White Vigilante


Benjamin Reed

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My Onion Interview

Onion Interview
In 2007, I took some time off from painting to work on a book.  Unbeknownst to me, the story I was about to write was a bit more autobiographical than I ever wanted to admit at the time, and the project took on the format of a comic book.  In November, shortly after the book’s publication, I was interviewed by Sean O’Neal of the AV Club, and my interview appearing in the Onion. Continue reading

New Art Project Coming Up!!!

A New Art Project That Should Result in a Grand Show in Kansas City
art project
While taking a nice Sunday morning walk on 39th Street, the rumblings of my empty stomach were replaced with the rumblings of an idea for a new, exciting art project that will culminate in a large, collaborative group show featuring artists from Kansas City, Austin, and parts unknown.

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My farewell to the Austin Art Scene

Austin Art Scene

Just before my final show in Austin, I was asked some questions about the Austin Art Scene by Robert Faires, the Arts Editor for the Austin Chronicle.  In the midst of setting up the show as well as packing up my belongings before heading to Kansas City, I exchanged some emails and fleshed out my thoughts about my experience in Austin as a self employed artist.
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Austin Critics’ Table Awards

The phone call arrived just before noon and just before my plans for getting the day got the call for action.

Rachel Koper was contacting the four folks who put together Radical Nautical – Ian Shults, Kevin Peakes, Kevin Tijernia and myself – and asking that we attend the Austin Critics’ Table Awards that night.

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Schliefke Sandwich: Kielbasa Sandwich topped with Macaroni and Cheese

kielbasa sandwich

June 29, 2005 – You always find inspiration when you’re not looking for it. One fine afternoon, I stopped by Ian’s house on a rare visit to the Post Office. as things go, I was easily sidetracked and soon found myself as a passenger to a restaurant/bar off the beaten path on Burnet Road: Billy’s. Not your run of the mill restaurant, nor your run of the mill bar, this was the place for offbeat denizens to chow down fine food and listen to one of the keenest juke boxes in town.
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