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January ’18 Studio Update

January 2018- It’s a busy start to the New Year! Rodeo clowns take center stage! With a show looming closely on the horizon at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, Kansas in February, I’m scrambling to finish up the entire concept of paintings and drawings that will make up the show.
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Pianos on Parade

Pianos on ParadeI am excited to participate in the Pianos on Parade event that is hosting a grand opening at Union Station on Saturday, May 23!

I visited the Keys 4/4 Kids warehouse in the West Bottoms, selected a piano, and started a little of the base painting, in addition to adapting my design for the final paint job to the dimensions of the piano I selected. Continue reading

The Harry S Truman Peace Bridge

A view from the Harry S Truman Peace Bridge of bridges that actually span the Missouri.
The family and I stumbled out of a filling breakfast at the City Market and stumbled upon one of Kansas City’s most forgotten landmarks, the aforementioned Harry S Truman Peace Bridge.  Built in 1955, along with the publication of his autobiography, the Peace Bridge was funded and, legend has it, partially designed by the Thirty-Third President himself.

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