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June Studio Update

June 2017- My River Market Painting Studio is fully operational! I do have plans to build some additional easels to help out on some larger paintings I’m planning on working on soon, but it’s loaded with all the materials, tools, and books I need to produce a whole new body of work. 

Brushes, pallets, rabbit skin glue, rolls of canvas, easels, art books and sketch pads make the world go around, and it feels great to have everything set up under one roof.

Below are some pictures from the studio, giving you an idea of some of the things that all need to come together to make art happen. So take a look around the studio, and click here look back at past studio updates and old studios as well.

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Arts Asylum Studio

My New Studio in the Arts Asylum

Feb 2016- Needing more room to create new bodies of work and all the side projects that go along with it, I moved into a great studio space tucked into the middle of Kansas City’s Arts Asylum. With a show looming on the horizon and plans to put together at least a couple of group shows throughout the year, I needed the extra space to concentrate my efforts.
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Oil Studies

oil studiesFeb 2015 – I’ve been working on some oil studies in the studio lately. It’s been a fun way to get some work done in the studio while I conjure up some themes and imagery for my next series of original works.

I chose a couple of Jack Levine paintings for my oil studies, concentrating on color, paint application and learning from one of my favorite painters of all time. Jack Levine was a supremely talented painter who grew up in Boston and was classically trained, adoring the works of Velasquez and Titian.  He was collected by the Met in New York and his career of figurative satirical works was soon derailed by the rise of abstract expressionism.

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Last Supper

Back At It!

Jan 2014 – Winters in Austin are not very hard.  Even the coldest snaps and random and rare ice storms inflict a mere trifle of discomfort and inconvenience onto Austinites.  This winter has had a couple of rough cold and wet patches which hasn’t been great, but the worst has been the weather’s affect on the Blue Genie studio.  The cold concrete soaked up every ounce of cold and made the inside temperatures way lower than the outside air, which put a damper on the progress on my painting commission.

However, with the better weather,  I’m back to work and it’s moving along again.
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Last Supper – Thirteen Days In…

Nov 2013 – The work on the Last Supper continues along as the painting moves past the underpainting and into what I always consider the real work – finagling with the drawing, checking composition, adjusting values, and building up colors and layers of paint.

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