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Artist Interviews – Coming Full Circle

Unearthing some artist interviews…artist interviews

While spending a few hours updating some old stories from past versions of my website, I ran across an old series of artist interviews that I did in 2006.  It was a rather interesting time capsule to see just what these folks were thinking and what has transpired since.  I’ve reposted the artist interviews and included links below, and I plan on catching up with each artist and post a new interview for each, to see what has happened, how their thoughts have changed, and what the future looks like for each of them against the radically changing backdrop that is Austin. Continue reading

An Interview with Wade Beesley

Copy of WB
Wade Beesley
interview originally posted in January, 2006

Wade was one of the first members of Austin’s art community I met when I moved here in 2002.  Wade has made an indelible mark in Austin’s art scene.  Wade owned and operated Mojo’s Daily Grind for ten years.  While serving coffee and beer, Wade was personally responsible for its monthly exhibition schedule, performances, DJs, and starting its celebrated TV Smashes.  The coffee shop took on a life of its own and became a celebrated stomping ground for the disenfranchised and creative elements that didn’t have any other place to go.  Annual TV Smashes took place, along with a free wall for graffiti and ample room by the bar for the posting of political and social activist tracts. Continue reading