Kansas City Painter Michael Schliefke

Upcoming Show!

Sailing Away - new oil paintings by Michael Schliefke

Sailing Away‘ takes place in April. It’ll feature all new paintings of Charons and sirens. There’s a reception planned for Friday, April, 24, so mark your calendars and bring your friends! Click here to sign up for the show mailing list to keep up to date with this show and more future events.

kernel of optimism - studio update

Congratulations! You’ve found a weird corner of the internet where art and dumb things coexist. Schliefkevision is the online home of Kansas City painter Michael Schliefke. In addition to monthly studio updates, online portfolio and all the other trappings you’d expect on an artist website, there’s a bunch more stuff here added continuously.

You’ll find art reviews, trip reports, and odd writings from whatever thing is taking up too much of Michael’s brain space when he sits down to write. There’s also links to private art classes for anybody looking to learn to paint or draw. So spend some time on the site and look around.

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Here’s all the latest news and stories I’ve uploaded to this very site!

KKFI Artspeak Radio
An interview with Michael Schliefke on KKFI’s Artspeak Radio

Working on Art (progress in studio):

Every month I write a little bit and share some pictures of what’s going on in my studio. These are those updates. Fair warning, most written late at night under the intoxication of mineral spirits.

Kansas City painter Michael Schliefke looking at art in Spain

Looking at Art (art reviews and views):

Art I’ve seen and thought about enough to write longer than they have a right to be stories. All opinions are mine, all facts are poorly researched:

Kansas City painter Michael Schliefke in Spain


Stories, writings and other musings from places I’ve visited. Just dumb experiences seen through the eyes of a Kansas City painter, this isn’t tripadvisor.