A look back at 2021

2021 wasn’t exactly a great year by any measure. The year started out with promise! New vaccines were released that could return life a bit more towards normalcy were ignored by half the residents in my city. Local mask mandates were made illegal by the death cult running the state government. Things dragged in studio, friendships withered, and my social life ground to a halt.

Of course, there’s that old dumb saying you have to make your own luck, so I ended up in a position where I could runaway for a while, so I took off towards the end of November and fucked off to Spain and Portugal for three weeks. That was followed by a week in NYC and another week trying to celebrate Christmas with my family. The trip was great, reenergized me and has potentially set me up for a productive 2022.

One last look back!

So before we officially turn the page to the new year, one last look at 2021. Here are some of the posts from the past year you may have missed, ignored, or maybe even read at some point:

  • In May while visiting my family, my sister surprised me with a trip to New Hampshire’s tourist trap, America’s Stonehenge! I knew of it from the 1970’s In Search Of show, which called it by its previous name, Mystery Hill. The day was spent soaking up a tourist trap, conspiracy theories and what it means to believe in stuff:
    America’s Stonehenge
  • I wrote about some of the old music I rediscovered over the course of quarantine:
    Quarantine Classics
  • I became oddly obsessed with an In Deep song
    Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
  • Of course, the big event that may have saved my own life was my trip to Spain, Portugal and New York City in Nov/Dec:
    My trip to Europe
  • I painted a mural!
    Northeast Mural

Time to Move Ahead!

Hey, not every year is going to be great, but I wish you all the best in 2022!