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April ’19 Studio Update

With time careening away at a seemingly mind boggling pace, my to-do list has grown to epic proportions. With April I struck back at the list. Here’s some of the things that kept me busy this month.

Woodshop Galore!


I really enjoy woodshop. It hasn’t always been that way. As a painter, anything that takes time away from painting produces angst. There is something soothing about walking into my woodshop, pulling out my tools and saws, and just easing into a woodshop mindset. I jokingly call my woodshop my ‘Fortress of Solitude’, and it does feel like the world is held at bay when I’m there.

Stretching canvas after the age of 30 is a horrible idea for anybody. It accelerates arthritis, doesn’t go any faster, and is just a big pain in the ass. Hell, I even make canvases for other people! But when you have 18 primed canvases ready to go, all that frustration washes away.

Website/Logo Design

Every year and a half it seems like I’m due for a big web update. The idea starts in the back of my head, but quickly overtakes me until the job is finished. Now that my site is mostly turned over to the next style, here are some rough sketches that started this project off. You can see how far this site as come over the years here.

New Work, Finally!

Preparation is the theme of the month. Peace of mind comes from knowing my website is up to date and stable. Nothing helps me out as a painter more than having loads of paint on hand, clean brushes, and a ton of prepared canvases ready to go.

With all of that, I’m still finishing up some loose ends in studio. I’m finishing up a run on my comprehensive series of matadors, and started two 40″x60″ canvases. New imagery is ready to go on a slew of new canvases. Sideshows, talk shows, and America are all on deck for a productive May and June.

Here’s a look at some of the early progress on a couple of my new paintings:

And to take all of this home in my favorite month of the year, here’s one of my all time favorites…