Fun and informative Kansas City Art Classes for both Children and Adults!

No matter your level of ability, these classes are focused on teaching you the skills and techniques from beginner to advanced! These classes are designed around your abilities and interests, to give you the knowledge and experience you need to be able to sit down and paint and draw on your own!

These fun, informative classes are meant to give you the techniques and confidence so you can paint and draw whatever you’d like! 

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I have restarted in-person classes! PLEASE BE VACCINATED if you contact me about in-person classes. I still offer online classes for non-vaccinated people. Life is full of choices, and your private choices have public consequences. In an effort to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for my students and myself, I’m only allowing vaccinated people into the studio that I spend working upwards of twelve hours a day. Please respect this decision as I respect yours.

For more information about these Kansas City art classes, including pricing and schedules, click on the type of class you’re interested in:


  • PAINTING CLASSESVaccination Required
    Private painting classes for you alone, or bring a friend along! Perfect for absolute beginners to advanced students! Lots of patience and no judgement make this classes fun and informative! These painting classes will show you the techniques and tips you need to get your vision down on canvas. Tailored to your needs, these classes teach both oils or acrylics. These classes teach the basics of painting. They also fit if you want to start painting again after a long layoff. And they’ll give you the push you need to make your work go where you want.
  • DRAWING CLASSESVaccination Required
    These drawing classes are for every level of drawing experience. Whether or not you can draw a straight line, these classes will show the basics of drawing and allow you to build the confidence and abilities you need to see and draw everything you have ever wanted. Using a variety of materials including pencil and charcoal, I will help you to ‘see’ what you’re looking at and reproduce that on paper.  Great if you’ve always liked to sketch or always wanted to draw.
    Private online art classes. Using Skype or Zoom, these private, one on one classes are geared to your abilities and aims. Techniques will be demonstrated online, and will be supported with photographs and examples from art history. Students will paint or draw during the class, with instruction and techniques discussed and demonstrated during the weekly class period. Same classes as above, just online!
  • ONE NIGHT PAINTING CLASSESGroup classes are currently on hold.
    Spend a night painting a masterpiece! Why go to one of those wine and paint events and end up with a horrible painting of a cactus? Bring a bottle of wine and spend the night painting a masterpiece. Choose what you want to paint, and you’ll learn how to enjoy painting a masterpiece!


    Makes great gifts! Available year round but great for the holiday season for anybody you know that would love to take some painting or drawing classes! Order yours online today!


  • CHILDREN’S ART CLASSESClasses for Children are currently on hold.
    Geared for children ages 8 and up, these classes are a great, positive environment for children interested in art.  Kids classes use various mediums, subjects, and techniques. Patience and encouragement allow the student to build confidence, have fun and learn new techniques and ideas about art.  Drawing is the baseline for these classes.
  • KID’S SUMMER LESSONSSummer classes are currently on hold.
    Afternoon and Morning sessions run two hours a day, Monday-Friday. Classes can hold three children per class.