Art-Post-Haste #2 – Art Links

art links
January 31, 2014 – This weekend’s art links takes us all over the place – from the Super Bowl to the state of camouflage, with interesting stops in Austin, Britain, Israel, and a controversy over a child climbing over a Donald Judd in London. Is a new trend developing in regards to the public having to chip in to save artworks from being swallowed up by private investors? What will the art world think of next?

    • Do you have Super Bowl fever??? Well check out this link to the origins of the Seattle Seahawks logo! –
    • All the hubbub over this nine year old climbing over a Donald Judd?  It only reminds me of the greatest commentary about Donald Judd ever produced.  Eat your heart out, Marfa!
    • A corporate redesign – what would Henry Darger think of all this?
    • Okay, hopefully, you’ve all seen the Art of the Steal, about the Barnes Collection being taken over by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and we’re now knee deep in stories about Detroit’s Institute of the Arts being held hostage in the bankruptcy of that fair city, but what about the Poussin in Britian?  And the Van Dyck being threatened to leave there as well for sunny California?  Is this a new trend?
    • A very interesting read on camouflage (and don’t miss the link inside the story about the role modern art played with camouflage in the Second World War
    • The students of Texas State did a lot of research into the origins of a Monet painting.
    • It looks like a very interesting  movie about art coming soon to Austin and the rest of the US – that doesn’t involve George Clooney and Nazis. The movie stars one of the few interesting Austinites that has made his way to the greater culture without the use of a reality TV show or some fancy fusion recipes. (Bonus points for including Hockney into the mix!) Time Magazine has more on the movie as well.
    • Unearthing an ancient Byzantine Church has to be quite the thrill