Art Post Haste #8


It’s been a little while since my last set of random links collected from around the web, but it’s been a busy time. Grants, applications and pecha kuchas all got in my way, as well as the regular workload of painting in the studio and teaching classes here and there. RIP Don Featherstone, you gave the world a bunch.

So, without any more excuses, here are some of the things that have caught my eye lately:

  • In light of everything that has gone on in South Carolina recently, these links will make all the sense in the world: If you haven’t read the Appropriation of Cultures by Percival Everett, you should, especially if you have never read his work before. Here’s a good audio version of the short story.
  • Don Featherstone. The man gave so much to American culture, I’m not even sure how the country could ever repay him. But at least Don Featherstone looked happy in those Hawaiian shirts that matched his wife’s outfits. Besides creating the ubiquitous pink flamingo, Don Featherstone created a whole bunch more stuff throughout his life.
  • David Hockney kinda grabbed the mantle of Greatest Living Painter by default after Lucian Freud died, but he’s really got a lot to say and is living up to the burden well.
  • Oh Canada, art and politics never the twain shall meet.
  • Great new program set up by Kansas City to help artists out.
  • Japan is just a weird place. When its not acting like its 40 years in the future, it does stuff like this.
  • Shep better watch his back next time he’s in Detroit.