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Art Post Haste XIV -July ’18

Art Post Haste July edition! Here’s another round of stories from the art world and its nearby surroundings. Click around to find out why bugs are so important to painters’ palettes, the artsy return of a Kansas City institution, and a smattering of good, bad and interesting art stories for another month.


art classes KC I can talk about art education for days on end, and the failings of public education for people who aren’t Tracy Flick. Even in New Zealand they have weird ways to try to teach kids art. Here’s one Kiwi’s story about arts and education.


Savoy KC Just like the recently reopened Golden Ox, another of Kansas City’s longtime institutions avoided the wrecking ball and is back. The Savoy Hotel and Restaurant is reopened as a hotel, restaurant, and museum. You know, for art.
cochineal insects You can admit it. You’ve always wondered where carmine red comes from. Well wonder no more! Just know this is a story about cochineal insects.
art post Here’s a fun, quick, simplified look at a decently comprehensive color pigments and their properties.
KKK Austin, Texas! Don’t miss your chance to see this painting at the Blanton. It looks pretty great, and we’re all smart enough to know what side this guy is on, right?


reality tv Australia is trying its hand at mixing art and reality TV. Sounds like the results are a bit mixed, so I guess it’s no ‘Work of Art’. lol. Puns. Who ever gets tired of them?
whaling If you’re in New England this summer, the largest painting in America is on display for the first time in a long time. So if you want to see a giant panorama of a world from a far time ago, head to the Whaling Museum!

Here’s some more info on the history of this crazy artifact.


gentrification How one neighborhood in Denver is dealing with gentrification head on. Godspeed.
ikeaart Art Post Haste will soon be written entirely by robots. As will all the art that fills all the houses, stores and galleries soon enough. The Robot Revolution is coming.


Jeff Goldblum The art world isn’t above jumping on the latest celebrity who has converted their life into a cartoonish meme. So why not take a look at this statue of Jeff Goldblum. And probably keep an eye out for stuff like this in your neighborhood.


christy cones Sacha Baron Cohen’s return to TV has debuted, and surely your angry uncle has already forwarded you a few emails about how Sarah Palin has been abused by his filming tactics, but here’s how the art gallerist reacted to her newfound notoriety.