Art Poste Haste #5


Now that the World Series (and sadly, the trophy) have left Kansas City, the cold weather can creep on in and settle the masses down for the winter. Before you drop everything to sit in front of a warm fireplace, keep in mind Corey Goering’s excellent show at the Haw Contemporary is still open. So get ready to take a crazy trip from the Sistine Chapel to Snoop Dogg’s studio, here’s some new links for you to peruse on your own time:

  • Painting circus scenes help me focus and get through my final year of art school at KCAI. Here’s a look at some circus art from Hyperallergic.
  • It’s not a secret, but plenty of people are still surprised to hear that Greek sculptures were originally painted in garish colors. So move over Ted Turner, and take a look at what some painted recreations look like at this museum show in Denmark.
  • Speaking of modern colorization (actually just a restoration, but hang in there with me), the Sistine Chapel’s bright ceilings and walls can now be bought and paid for just like everything else in the world. Congrats to Porsche and the lucky folks who were able to shell out the ducats.
  • Not to keep harping on the Vatican or how they handle the Sistine Chapel, but visitors to the chapel will soon get  a nerdy, google glass inspired boost to make their experience better than just looking at some of the most famous paintings a sculptor ever painted.
  • On a lighter note, Snoop Dogg paints.
  • Somehow the art world and internet nerds deserve each other, calling out each other’s BS from their own ivory white towers. Is there a winner here? Probably not.
  • In other art news, here is a link to some painted women having terrible times at parties.
  • Egon Schiele – feminist or overwrought art criticism?