Art Shows in Kansas City

A New Old Way to Show Art

The past couple of years have been a struggle. Making art has been an overwhelming task at times. Showing art has literally been impossible at times. All of that changes in 2022. I’m using a new old way to show art. I’ll be bringing back salon shows in Kansas City.

Once a month over the next nine months or so, my studio will convert into a gallery space for a weekend show. Using some spare walls from past events, I’ll set up a fairly professional viewing space for old and new works alike. This monthly series of ‘salon shows’ will make their debut in March, 2022.

I’m excited about the prospects of hosting gallery shows in my studio. I’m still working out the logistics and Covid protocols to ensure everybody’s health (including mine, it’s in my own studio!). I also may include some new work along some of the older works and will have a variety of shows throughout the year. It’ll be great to finally show the work I’ve done over the past couple of years.

I’ll be updating this very website as the shows grow closer, and do the regular publicity and email blasts. You can sign up for my mailing list to be notified of upcoming shows! In the meantime, here’s a page with a little more information about theses Salon Shows in Kansas City.