Artist Inc Fellowship

ArtistInc KC
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Artist Inc announced its twenty five fellows for the Artist Inc Live Workshop for 2015 in late January, and I was one of the Kansas City artists receiving a fellowship spot in the only program that will be held this year.

The Artist Inc Live program is an innovative eight week program that focuses on the business aspects that an artist faces and is often overlooks, while doing so in a cooperative environment surrounded by other artists and art world professionals. The Artist Inc program will allow artists to take control of their career, create opportunities and strengthen their art practices.

I’m extremely flattered to be included in this program (Artist Inc announced it was the largest field of applicants they’ve ever received – over 300!). It’ll help me round out all the professional skills my undergrad degree left out that I learned by trial and error over the years painting, curating shows, and running my own private art instruction business.

Here are some of my goals for the program:
“Being accepted into the Artist INC Live program is an immense opportunity at a unique point in my career. After spending the past twelve years in the DIY aesthetic of the Austin art world, I returned to Kansas City in July with a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience, but would benefit greatly from the solid practices, tools and experienced outlook that this program offers.
I have established myself as a hard working painter that can juggle many different hats and opportunities. I have taught children and adults to paint and draw, fostering relationships with a wide variety of people that I have helped get into art school, built confidence in their talents and techniques, and revealed a lasting impression of the world of painting and art history. I worked side by side with commercial fabricators and art impresarios Blue Genie Art to develop an entire resume of sculpting and art fabrication experience, as well as recently co-founding and directing their annual Danger Derby event that involves public and artist participation racing hand built pinewood derby cars down a treacherous 100 foot long, two story track. I have also been an instrumental part of Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tour from its earliest days, helping the team produce maps, websites, deal with artists and assist with the programming and logistics for the annual event that grew from 35 artists to over 300. In addition to regularly showing my work, I have also produced and curated a number of successful, large scale group shows in the Austin art scene. Additionally, I wrote, drew, and produced three satirical graphic novels about the rapid changes and gentrification of East Austin that were well received throughout the Austin community.
With such seemingly disparate skills and temperaments, I feel the common thread that connects everything together is finding creative ways to bring art into the community to unite and inspire the people around the artists. I feel my experiences have established that I have all the skill sets and work ethic to continue to grow as an artist. Returning my career to Kansas City is an exciting and fresh start. The focus of this program’s framework and logistical business skills would make my career prosper and allow me to develop into a more mature and successful artist that continues to develop work while involving and inspiring the Kansas City community around me – both artistic and public.”

The program begins in March, and I am looking forward to working with Artist Inc and the other fellows in this program. The existence of this organization and program is a further testament to the artistic community that exists in Kansas City.