ArtistInc Pecha Kucha


pecha kucha
On Monday, April 27, the eighth and final session of the ArtistInc Live program was held before a full house in the AIA building in downtown Kansas City. There, 25 talented Kansas City artists from a wide variety of artforms and mediums gathered as a group one last time to deliver 5 minute Pecha Kucha speeches.

I’ll be writing about the great experience that AustinInc provided for all the artists chosen for this year’s fellowship soon, but for now I’ll focus on the five minute Pecha Kucha that I delivered on the final night. If you have five minutes, I would love it if you watched it. I’ll be posting other artists’ Pecha Kucha when they’re posted online, as it was a magnificent evening filled with delightful surprises.

Michael Schliefke’s ArtistInc Pecha Kucha
Kansas City, Missouri
April 27, 2015

photo courtesy ArtistInc