carnival paintings

August ’19 Studio Update

With deadlines looming, August was a month loaded with new paintings. With my class schedule filling up with the changing seasons, August was spent on focusing on lots of new work. That means carnival paintings.

The plan was to rework some older paintings, then start on new ones. After reworking a few paintings, I started in on making new canvases. One of the canvases is destined to be a portrait of two daughters. But that commission has been put on hold because of the impending deadline of the UNplaza Art Fair.

Since I’ll be showing off my recent works in a tent, and have been painting rodeo clown and sideshow imagery for well over a year, it was only natural to expand my work into carnival paintings.

I started doing some sketches from research imagery. With fourteen freshly made canvases, I was ready to paint. I started in on transferring my sketches to each canvas, then filled and drew lines. Soon, there were carnival paintings all over my studio.

I created a makeshift shelf to keep my paintings visible as I was painting the others. This provided a spark of an idea for my booth, and more plans were drawn up. This of course only added to the workload for this upcoming show, but I think the results could pay off fairly well. It will also make this one off weekend show fall in line with my past shows and events I’ve put together.

Music from August:

It seems like I’ve been reprocessing music from the years 1978-1982 lately. I stumbled across some old B52’s albums and kinda dug them. A lot. Here’s a dusty gem that is a magnificent song. It’s also so much better and refreshing than hearing Love Shack for the 84,000th time. So take a few minutes and bring some sunshine to your day.