Danger Derby Event and Art Show – At Blue Genie During EAST!!!

In conjunction with the East Austin Studio Tour, and Blue Genie’s First Annual Invitational Art Show, the kind folks at Blue Genie are hosting the party of parties during EAST. Backed up by free drinks, sweet sounds from the BURGER CITY DJ, and the awesome artworks of over 30 awesome Austin artists in the Blue Genie shop, the Danger Derby allows you to build your own PINEWOOD DERBY car and race it in a NO RULES race along a 100′ long, 20′ tall track with a myriad of additional dangers added to the mix.

Pick up your pinewood derby kit ($10) during the first weekend of EAST, build your own entry for the Danger Derby to race on the 20’ tall, 100’ track lined with hazards, and witness the majesty and debauchery of the no rules Danger Derby.

Among the awesome artists in the art show will be: Jason Archer, Paul Beck, Briar Bonifacio, Jeremy Burke, Chris Chappell, Josh Chalmers, Abi Daniel, Jessica Erickson, Rachelle Fox, Ashley Gierke, Thor Himle, Felice House, Sam Hurt, Joe Irby, Nathan Jensen, Josh Krezinski, Karina Martens, Michael Merritt, Brandon Petrie, Kevin Peake, Hope Perkins, Fabian Puente, David Ohlerking, Charles Randolph, Autumn Sapadaro, Michael Schliefke, Stephen Schwake, Ian Shults, Rory Skagen, Jeffrey Swanson, Win Wallace, Emma Whelan, Chantal Wnuk, Dana Younger and more!

Come on out, enjoy the fun, and swing by GOURMAND’s for the after party deluxe!