silkscreen test

December ’18 Studio Update

December is a hard month to stay focused on work. With holidays looming, end of the year bills piling up, and projects yearning for closure, December is a test to see just how much work you can finish. So I worked on paintings, printmaking and an unexpected project: a kids mural.

So in the studio, I continued to work on some of the oil paintings I was feverishly working on in November. With a planned trip north to hang out with my family over the holidays, I sketched out two paintings that I’ll start in on when the calendar flips to January. I’m going to leisurely start the new year with a couple of comfortable matador paintings, so here’s the sketched for two 40″x40″ canvases that I drew out:

The end of the year is also a good time to do some housekeeping on this website. So, I carve out time at night to slog through pages and posts to update their SEO standings. In addition, I also remove old information, add some content, and make sure everything is up to date. This also goes hand in hand with putting together plans for the new year, figuring out budgets, time frames for shows, etc. It’s not fun, but not everything about being an artist is glamorous.

In addition to the painting/drawing/layouts I worked on for my paintings, I found some time to knock out a bunch of prints to continue finding the best processes for my multi-screen silkscreen project, and also to make a few for Christmas gifts.

Kids Mural Project

Once I did go on vacation, an unexpected project raised its head. I have two nephews and a niece. The eldest nephew loves garbage trucks. I was joking with my nephew, about painting a garbage truck on the wall in his room. This joke soon became a reality. Within minutes, I used his erasable markers to sketch out a mural idea. With his approval, I was off to Home Depot in minutes. I selected a palette of colors, headed back to his house and saw the delight in his eyes when he realized I was actually carrying a bag of paint. He excitedly yelled to his younger brother ‘The bag is full of paint!’

I quickly sketched out the mural using a random 1″x3″ board as a measuring stick and straightedge. The kids gathered around, continuously asking me when I was going to start painting. I blotted in some of the background colors and the kids were delighted with the progress. The next day I concentrated on the truck itself, with my nephew pointing out any discrepancies between my version and the real one that visits his house every Thursday.

A few stars for my other nephew were the finishing touches on the mural. The kids were delighted, and my nephew now can’t believe he goes to bed with a garbage truck on his wall every night. Kids are strange!