ink sketches

December ’21 Studio Update

It’s kind of fitting filling the last pages of my sketchbook comes as the last days of the year are upon us. I’ve been working on some quick ink sketches, still modeling compositions and themes using values and boat imagery. With my sketchbook and mind full, January should be a productive month.

It’s almost unfair to other art museums just how rich and inspired the Prado’s collection of art is. So many of my favorite painters, subjects and eras are there in droves. It was a delight to take it all in. Inspired by some Velasquez, Goya, Titian and Rubens paintings, my new sketches build off rolling compositions using bodies, boats, and the seascape to delve into the wide range of using boats in my new works. 

There’s a weird mix of fin de seicle/historical painting hanging in my new sketches, and it will take a bunch of refining to figure out the exact path my new works head down. I would love to see an entire series of large epic paintings based off these sketches. I will make a few large stretchers and see where things take me.

The themes and imagery that working with boats and seascapes has given me has been particularly exciting. I think and want there to be beauty in my new oil paintings. I also want the themes and tone to be abundantly clear. With a whole bunch of ink sketches, notes, and ideas still in my head, it’ll take some time back in my studio to process and reassess my latest visions. I’m very excited about the potential 2022 holds for me. It’ll be great to start in on some new work!

Here’s some music from the Basque Country: