December ’17 Studio Update

December, 2017 – It’s been a hectic finish to the year.

Having just finished up my series of matador paintings, I went back to work to finish up my rodeo clown series that will make up the bulk of the work for my show in Lawrence that goes up in February. Not wanting to come back from my holiday vacation and feel rushed in January, I wanted to get a good portion of the work finished up earlier rather than later.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy, and the idea to give my sister a drawing of her favorite tree for Christmas popped into my head, so I went through my phone’s archives and found a quick map I drew as she drove me past the tree and she pointed out it’s the highlight of her commute to and from work each day. Here’s a screenshot of the map I drew on my phone:
With that little bit of information, a few roads and routes hastily jotted down, I went into google maps and walked down the road until I finally found the tree. Once I did, I printed the image out and started in on a drawing, using ultra fine sharpie markers and some stonehenge paper:
tree drawing

Indecisive and not sure about how things were going, I quickly started a second drawing, deciding I’d give her the better of the two drawings;
tree drawing

Of course, two drawings doubled the amount of work I’d have to do, and I rolled up both drawings and flew to see my family with them in tow. I’d finish them both up just in time for Christmas. Here’s another in process shot of both drawings:
tree drawing