facebook & schliefkevision


After a long hiatus from facebook, I’ve been convinced by a friend to at least have an active schliefkevision page. It’s an effort to help promote my website, classes, shows, and maybe even sell some work. So here’s what’s up:

facebook suzanne

My friend Suzanne gets super mad at me when I tell her I kinda wholly avoid social media. I don’t log into instagram, facebook or twitter with any regularity, nor do I remember any of my own passwords. I’m actually locked out of instagram on my tablet so I won’t be able to check what the number 2 that is almost permanently etched over the icon.

So, with some arm wringing I succumbed and allowed Suzanne to post pictures of my art and links from my site to facebook for me. I always have joked that an 18 year old would be the perfect person to run anybody’s social media. Suzanne is not 18 and doesn’t quite appreciate the comparison.

So anyway, take a look around if you’re logged into facebook. Suzanne promises to post pictures of my work and even some in progress shots. I can’t compete with that immediacy here, as I can’t post things fast enough on my website.

And also, if you’re also interested in another corner of the web universe, you can take a look at some reviews of my KC art classes. Have fun in facebook land!