art show

February ’19 Studio Update

There are lots of different types of art shows, but each one has a peculiar way of setting off similar emotions. Hope, dread, boredom and vague excitement are all part of the process. Since I have a last minute show coming up in March, here are my thoughts on art shows.

On with the show!

So, this was a pretty stress free show to put together, as I basically pulled out a bunch of paintings from my racks and assembled something that shows me off in a fairly decent light. No worry, no stress.

But what I have been working on is a bit more involved. It’s a new solo show of entirely new work that has a running theme and ideas behind it. It’ll be the biggest solo show of new work for me since 2014. I look at these solo shows as snapshots of what I was doing at a certain time in my life. All the work is launched from a series of related ideas and themes, and go off in their own directions. I liken the completed show to a concept album from the 70’s. The show has a couple hits, some weird tangents, meandering beats and a couple B sides to flesh out the entire concept. When taken as a whole, all the pieces in the show become something more together.

I’m tentatively shooting for an August-September time frame for this solo art show.

The other type of show that is very important to me is a large group show. I’ve put together plenty of them, even winning awards and having flattering things written about them! These shows revolve around a singular, often pop inspired concept. I then start to corral a wide variety of artists working in various mediums and allow them to take that kernel of a concept and bring it to life in any manner they see fit. With the concept being the only limitation, I’m always absolutely flattered and floored at seeing what the artists involved come up with. The show isn’t fully complete just hanging art on the walls, as I like to add some event aspect. Nobody likes white walls and whispers in art galleries, so I like to enfuse a lively element of performance, audience participation or some other memorable side note to the affair.

Look for a big group show to happen sometime in August, fingers crossed! Here’s a song stuck in my head the past few weeks, it’s always been one of my favorites…