February ’18 Studio Update

February, 2018 – I spent the first half of the month finishing up a bunch of work for my show at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, Kansas. The show opens on Final Friday on February 23rd. You can take a look at all the information about ‘Bulls     On Parade‘ here, and continue reading to see what I’ve been up to in studio.

So with all my work on the show in the rear view, I find myself back at the bottom of the hill with a bunch of more work ahead of me. I’m ambitiously planning on spending the next five-six months working on a complete new series of paintings, probably 20-30 paintings, for a show that will debut at the beginning of the fall in Kansas City.

Tons of notes, scribbles and sketches are starting to pile up.

One of the most painful aspects of my job – building and stretching new canvases.

An in progress look at the work that will make up my show ‘Bulls   On Parade’, opening in Lawrence on February 23rd.