Frozen Ice on the Missouri River

The Missouri River just north of the City Market at Kansas City, Missouri in January, 2015:
Missouri River - Kansas City

While temperatures dropped to almost subhuman temperatures this week, I took a walk to the nearby Harry Truman Peace Bridge to check out the Missouri River. By the time I got to the end of the bridge, I did all I could to grab my phone and take a few snapshots before walking the six minutes back home in the brutal, crisp cold.

More pictures and explanations after this break:

Missouri River - Frazil Pans

What impressed my girlfriend and I the most was the round discs of ice floating down the river  It hasn’t snowed too much this winter, and we wondered about the origin and the reason they’re round. After warming up back in our loft, we found the answer online: they are frozen frazil pans.  Before I try to explain all about them, take a look for yourself: frazil pans along the MIssouri River

In the meantime, take a look at how crazy all of this floating snow and ice looked:

Missouri River - Kansas City