We Got This – 2015 Royals Slogan

2015 Royals Slogan
“We Got This” – 2015 Royals Slogan

The Kansas City Royals, fresh off their most exciting and successful season in 29 years, followed club tradition and should announce their 2015 Royals slogan for the upcoming season: ‘We Got This’

While the history of season slogans is a bland, mixed bag at best (see the sidebar for the past slogans I’ve been able to find), this new slogan would be an interesting on a number of levels:First off, from a marketing standpoint, the slogan puts the success of the past season, the American League Pennant, an exciting World Series that went down to the final out of the seventh game, and plants the flag forcibly, proudly declaring, “We Got This”.

After decades of complete irrelevancy, you can imagine a marketing department (and ticket office) to take full advantage of the recent crown.Over the course of the exciting playoff run, there were countless times I’d turn to my girlfriend, text a buddy or just openly declare, ‘We Got This”, inspired by the cool improbability of winning the Wild Card Game. This inexplicable calm and confidence was mentioned in this great write up of the wild card game by Grantland’s Rany Jazayerli. It became a mantra, where no other words needed be said, and just expecting another infield basehit, an extra base, or a dramatic catch resulting in another of the Royals’ eight consecutive playoff wins to drive to the Series.

Another perspective on the slogan is that the very words, ‘We Got This” can be uttered from the mouths of Ned Yost, Dayton Moore, and the up until October nearly invisible owner David Glass. After the playoff run, all three men now can point to last year’s successes and say, “We Got This”, exhorting the fanbase to accept their foibles, master plans and frugal methods.

When the slumps came last year, and division and wild card hopes seemed to be on the fading past the horizon, Royals fans got restless. Weak inning ending popups and soft ground outs plagued the potential of Moustakas as he battled the Mendoza line throughout the season. Butler’s listless bat lost its pop, while Hosmer’s seemed contained. Columnists composed Shields-Myers comments that could be used for the next thirty years. It seemed there was so much potential but unrealized. On top of the personal questions, Yost’s bunting strategies, willingness to give away outs made the fanbase impatient and even more frustrated. Now, for better or worse, in the afterglow of the playoff run, everything has changed.  Moore’s plan worked, Yost’s managing somehow succeeded, Glass spent just enough and this offseason is the first bellweather as to whether or not anything has changed. Do they sign a free agent, or do repetitive headlines dominate the day?

Of course, fans are optimistically hoping this past season signals a sea change in the way the Royals are run, and perhaps even more importantly, perceived throughout the league.

Kansas City has always been a city with unlimited potential, a midwestern politeness that keeps its pride firmly in check.  It often appears anonymous on the coasts and in cities it foolishly spends its time trying to copy (like Austin. seriously, why?).  When I was living here in the late nineties, going to school, breaking into an abandoned Union Station and slinging dogs in the shadows of George Brett at Royals Stadium, the city’s soul was apparent but in disrepair.

Listing the ways this city has changed over the years is a futile exercise to everyone who witnessed it. The SkyStations came. Oklahoma Joe’s opened. In a few years, Union Station was renovated, Liberty Memorial followed suit, buildings in downtown stopped being razed and the KC Star building and KCPL (for better or worse) were raised. All of a sudden, Kansas City’s pride, always there, always bubbling under the surface, spoke, and a sense of daring returned.  Artists, Chefs and visionaries returned to their KC roots to build great restaurants, stores and bring value back to the city.

The playoff run for the Royals helped cap all of this. As improbable and fun as it was, those October days saw this city abuzz and important again. Hopefully the Royals will make the wise decisions they need to make, and the city manages its growth with all of its eccentricities and problems, and Kansas Citians can kick back and enjoy the city and the best part about the city – its people. Now is the time for the Royals to change with city. It’s time to dare to eat a peach. We no longer have to come up with stupid slogans emphasizing ‘Major League Moments’, because, well, we got this.

Past Slogans:
1970 Your Royals Will Go in Seven-O
1974 The Best is Yet to Come
1976 Star Spangled Summer
1977 Super Summer
1978 Catch Royal Mania
1979 Catch Royal Mania: What the Good Times Are
1980 We’re Where You Want to Be!
1981 We’re Where You Want to Be!
1982 Go For the Action
1983 Turn on the Action
1984 Something Special in the Air
1985 You’ve Got a Hit on Your Hands
1986 The Thrill of It All
1987 Get in the Swing of It!
1988 A Major League Attraction
1989 It’s a Hit
1990 Catch the Thrill
1991 Turn on the Good Times!
1992 It’s Here
1993 25 Years
1994 Baseball: For the Fun of it All!
1995 Bring It On!
1996 Get in the Game!
1997 Come on Home!
1998 This…is Hardball
1999  Be a Part of it All
2000 You Gotta Love These Guys!
2001 You Gotta Love These Guys!
2002 Join the Fun!
2003 Your Hometown Team
2004 Together We Can
2005 It’s All About Baseball…
2007 True. Blue. Tradition.
2008 New. Blue. Tradition.
2009 You Belong at the K
2010 It All Happens Here
2011 Major League Moments
2012 Our Time
2013 Come To Play
2014 Be Royal

list compiled by combing through old pocket schedules on ebay as well as finding missing slogans using this thread.