“I Can’t Draw Stick Figures”

I can't draw a stick figure
“I can’t draw stick figures” – along with the inability to draw a straight line, are the two most common refrains I hear from folks when I tell them I am an artist, as well as from beginning students who finally take the step to learn to paint or draw.

While I can understand the apprehension and nerves of learning to paint or draw, I feel that statement is as lazy as wearing sweatpants with Crocs.  It’s too easy and dismissive an out, and people who give up that easily aren’t giving themselves a chance.  The best and easiest way to overcome such personal slights is to take the first step of taking a class to learn to draw!

I recently ran across the video linked here with Sonja Garrett the Associate Director of Continuing and Professional Studios at the Kansas City Art Institute, my alma mater, which touched on the trepidation of signing up for art classes, and the strengths of receiving some hands on tutoring that I always bring to my own classes.  Respectable and valuable art resources are not the easiest things to come by in Austin, so it’s nice to find similar voices extolling the same virtues you bring to your own endeavors.

Teaching folks to draw is always most rewarding around the middle of the first lesson, when I start to see the student’s drawing come together and have them step back from their work for the first time and see the results of their labors – when combined with patience, learning to see, and receiving the knowledge they need to succeed at what they want to do.  Drawing stick figures gets so much easier when you have that steady hand leading you through the process.