silkscreen layouts

January ’19 Studio Update

After a short break visiting family for the holidays, things got busy in the studio fast! I spent the first week of the year slogging through SEO, refining old content and updates for this little website. This site started in January 2003, which is a minor miracle in itself! So without further ado, here’s what happened in my studio in January, 2019:

Oil Painting

I started a couple new matador paintings, and the progress came fast and furious. The speed and ease of these new canvases was a relief as I was able to spend more time on some of the longer-term oil painting that I have been working on lately.

My rodeo clown series has morphed into including sideshows, Michelangelo slave sculptures, talk show hosts, bulls, and an assortment of American characters to mirror today’s American miasma. I am starting to see the end of the tunnel on this gigantic project. Sorting through a bunch of new imagery for this project, I’m guessing there’s about ten to a dozen new canvases that will comprise the full vision. Then it’ll be time to have a grand show.


I was able to spend some quiet, absolutely relaxing hours in my new woodshop at my studio. The peace and quiet, lacking all distractions, is the most welcome place in my life right now. With the world locked away, I can spread out and enjoy my own personalized layout of tools, screws, saw and wood. I built a bunch of new silkscreens,

I worked on some new drawings for prints, working on colors, screens, and the like. With a couple small unexpected setbacks far out of my control, I should be printing more in February and March.

When I wasn’t oil painting, cutting wood, updating my website or printing some test prints, I found this dusty gem of a cover. It’s pretty fantastic, enjoy it…