January ’18 Studio Update

January 2018- It’s a busy start to the New Year! Rodeo clowns take center stage! With a show looming closely on the horizon at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, Kansas in February, I’m scrambling to finish up the entire concept of paintings and drawings that will make up the show.

After finishing up a few matador paintings, I continued with the man/bull theme but switched from a overly romanticized elegance of the matador leading the bull to a wild, outlandish man taunting and being chased by a raging bull. Of course, it just felt natural to drown the noble idiot rodeo clowns in a patriotic red, white and blue motif, so the brash bravado of America could be represented in these paintings.

My show in February opens on the 20th, with a reception on Final Friday, the 23rd of February. If you’re in Lawrence, I’d hope you swing on by and take a look. If you can’t make it, just contact me and pay a visit to my studio in the River Market.