Jett Bezos Mural

Jett Bezos

On a quick visit to visit family, I once again got roped into painting a mural for one of my nephews. They both are very hard to say no to, so I loaded up on the barest of supplies and got started on the mural.

After painting a mural for my other nephew last year, I needed to even the score. The little one wanted a jet, but didn’t quite explain it was Jett. After a few google searches, we decided on an image he wanted on his wall. Of course, I’d have to add a couple of stars as well.

As I drew the layout, my nephew explained Jett delivered packages to children. This made me laugh, and I stopped to ponder the implications of cartoon characters becoming de-facto Amazon employees. While I chuckled, I tried to convince him that the character’s full name is Jett Bezos. He was confused, and my joke received disapproving eye rolls from his parents.

While my nephews and nieces sat back and watched the progress unfold, they got excited every time I opened a new jar of color. They’d make their guesses, and yell excitedly when the first color went on the wall. As Jett Bezos started coming together, I asked my nephew if he wanted to see him break through the wall. His face lit up and he said yes. So then I threw together a quick faux painting of some wooden slats. Then I added some cracks on the wall.

Below you can see an in progress shot and the final mural of our little package delivering cartoon friend, Jett Bezos.