Kansas City art studio

June ’18 Studio Update

June, 2018 – As I’m trying to find the balance between new oil paintings and writing in studio, things are starting to hit exciting points in both areas! This summer has been laying the groundwork for the next 6-24 months of work for me. Sometimes in studio, things take turns you don’t expect.

Sometimes you should zag when you originally zigged. That’s what most of this summer has felt like in the studio this year. Some in progress views of some new oil paintings I’ve started this summer shown are below. In last month’s studio update, I touched upon the value of  side projects and letting things breath before rushing in.

With the extra time I had in May, I was able to step back and refocus my themes and visual ideas for some shows I have planned for the wall and winter. With the extra time, the themes crystallized, visuals firmed up, and a tighter concept appeared. There’s a bunch of new ideas in my sketchbooks. With the reworked themes, I’m pretty happy to see the new work develop. Now its time to get some serious work done for some future shows.

While the longest days of the summer are still here, it’s time to make up for some lost time in the studio. With a bunch of blank canvases, new thoughts, and some new brushes and power tools, things should be really busy and productive the next few months. Of course, I’ll finish all of the paintings I’ve started as well.

I’ve got a few meetings lined up over the next few weeks. In those meetings, I’ll make some hard decisions on specifics for some upcoming shows. In addition to some solo exhibitions, I’m planning on some group shows as well. Stay tuned for more information on those soon!

KC new oil paintings new oil paintings in progress
in progress new oil painting new oil paintings